DIFY: Do It For Yourself

We’ve all been there saying yes to one more task, taking on yet another project, when really we should just say “NO”. But we just can't seem to do it. Our inner voice wants to say no, but before we can even bring ourselves to say it, we utter the words “yes” knowing that we are only piling on more responsibilities to our ever-increasing workload. I’ve been there way too often. I think that I am wonder woman, that I can do it all, and why not? I don’t have any kids or family that I need to care for, it’s only me, so of course I can do another project or dedicate my time to help others. But I have it so wrong. I DO have someone to care for, and that someone is me.

It’s so easy to neglect our own needs. If adding another task would inconvenience another person in our lives we’d be quick to say no, but when it comes to our own wellbeing we put that on the backburner. Talking to many of my friends and family members, I see the same pattern. Now, I could write a whole other article talking about the power of saying “No”, but I won’t. Instead I want you to join my movement. A movement, you ask? Yes and it’s completely free to you, just promise you will dedicate your time (or lack of) to it. So here it is.

When was the very last time you have done something just for yourself? And no I am not speaking about that family trip you planned for the whole family, or the big car, laptop or designer clothing item purchase. I mean just the simple things. The thing that is good for your health, both emotionally and physically. The little things that make your heart smile. For me it’s taking the time to walk to the farmers market on the weekends, or to sit in a coffee shop and draw. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it doesn’t take away much of my time, but it puts me at complete peace. So I am asking you, to join me. Take an hour, 30 or even 15 minutes out of your day to find your inner happiness. Whether it’s getting up early to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before work, or you sitting with a glass of wine on your couch watching one of your favorite TV shows after a long day at the office. It doesn’t matter, but take the time for you.

Ever since I started doing this I have noticed that I am happier, because I actually have something to look forward to every day. It also gives me that one time out of the day, where I don't need to think much, it just gives me this time to wind down and relax. So join me on this “Do It For Yourself” movement and hashtag it as #DIFY on Instagram, so you can share with others what your little moment of peace is. Have fun!