Image: Dominica Reid/Caleb Morris

Image: Dominica Reid/Caleb Morris

ABout me: 

Hi Everybody!

My name is Dominica. I am a huge enthusiast for clean eating, yoga, meditation and travel. Meditation has been a big part of my life since childhood. As a child I suffered from a lot of anxiety and low self-esteem. Most of my stress and anxiety was school related. Thankfully, my mother introduced me to meditation, when she signed me up for a youth meditation group. This group was led by a wonderful therapist, who not only helped me become more confident within myself, but who also inspired me to want to go into the mental health field.

Fast-forward two decades later and meditation is still a major part of my life. I got my masters in psychology, and I am a lot less anxious. I love my job and I love my life, but I can’t say it’s always been this stress free. For years I struggled with high levels of stress, because I decided to take on more than I should have. I was overworked, stressed, tired, not eating right, and neglecting my meditation practice. I knew I had to make a change, and it has been for the better. I am currently on a passage of self-discovery, self-love, and mindfulness and I hope you all will join me on this wonderful journey.

If you are stressed, exhausted and are looking for a place to learn more about how to lead a healthy and rich life this blog might be the right place for you.


What you will find in my blog:

·      Quick and easy healthy recipes

·      Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

·      Travel inspiration and advice

·      Yoga

·      And a happy place to call home 

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