4 Reasons Why Hiking Is the Most Mindful Experience There Is

By: Dominica Reid

Image by: Caleb Morris

Image by: Caleb Morris


I haven’t always enjoyed hiking and being outdoors. It’s been a hobby I’ve come to enjoy later on with age and I’m so happy that it’s been such a big part of my life ever since. Hiking to me isn’t so much an exercise routine, but more so of an escape. A way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, technology, and to just be with myself and my thoughts. There’s definitely something therapeutic to being in the outdoors, and I can only recommend that everybody should give hiking a try, and here are 5 reasons why. 

1.) It’s relaxing 

Once you get deeper into the woods and with only the sounds of nature accompanying you, you get to feel so at peace. The sounds of crickets chirping, birds singing, and crunching of leaves underneath my boots are almost meditative and they always put me in a place of complete relaxation. 

2.) It Keeps You Away From Technology

Yes, I do document my hikes with pictures, but usually when I go hiking my phone won’t get any reception. This forces me to be in the moment and to be aware of my surroundings. Technology is a huge part of my life, mainly due to my job in social media. Taking a break from it always helps me refresh my brain, and nature is very helpful with that. 

3.) It Changes Your Perspective 

Image by: Caleb Morris

Image by: Caleb Morris

When you’re surrounded by nature, you realize just how big the world is. It also puts your problems into perspective, and the way that you experience the world. I remember hiking with my husband in the Tennessee  mountains in complete silence, after a little while he exclaimed: “Those trees and rocks have been here before us growing for all those years and they’ll be here long after us.” There was something very profound to his statement. At the time I was thinking of changing careers and it was weighing heavy on me, but these simple words made me realize just how small my problems was. 

4.) Being in the moment is necessary 

When you’re in the woods hiking, being aware of your surroundings is important and detrimental to staying safe and on the right path. Letting your mind drift can actually be dangerous. Since you want to make sure that you’re safe being in the moment is actually necessary. Not only does it keep you safe but it actually makes you realize the true beauty of nature. Seeing a big rock in the woods is not only a landmark, but also a way ponder and appreciate nature's beauty. 


If none of these three points are reason enough for you to start hiking, maybe the thought of getting a good sweat in is enough for you, and I can’t blame you I too enjoy feeling like I had a great workout after a long hike.