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Learning To Be Grateful Every Day

As the Thanksgiving weekend is coming to an end, and I am slowly recovering from all of the turkey and homemade mac ‘n cheese I ate, I am reminded of all of the wonderful things I am thankful for in my life.

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My All Time Favorite Journals

As most of you know I’m a journal fanatic. I’m constantly promoting journaling for self-reflection, giving gratitude and personal improvement. Currently I own and use four different types of journals and if I had the time I would most definitely add more.

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DIFY: My "Do It For Yourself Movement"

We’ve all been there saying yes to one more task, taking on yet another project, when really we should just say “NO”. But we just can't seem to do it. Our inner voice wants to say no, but before we can even bring ourselves to say it, we utter the words “yes” knowing that we are only piling on more responsibilities to our ever-increasing workload.

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