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3 Simple Truths About Letting Go And Finding Yourself

I had hit a major rut in my career in 2017, and it was having major effects on my health and overall happiness. I was writing about mindful living but felt more like a fraud. Being mindful was the least thing that I was, and I couldn’t keep up with the charade. So I decided to make a change.

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Learning To Be Grateful Every Day

As the Thanksgiving weekend is coming to an end, and I am slowly recovering from all of the turkey and homemade mac ‘n cheese I ate, I am reminded of all of the wonderful things I am thankful for in my life.

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Explore the Sandy Beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

When one thinks of Mississippi, magnolias, sweet tea, and country music may come to mind. Those were definitely some of the things I thought of when my fiancé Caleb told me that he was born and raised on the coast of Mississippi. Little did I know that the coast was such a hidden gem.

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